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Basic salary comparison

When you quickly create a profile, the app will compare your pay with other people working in the same position and in your region. So you can get to know your job price whenever and wherever you are, you can get ready for a salary question at an interview or negotiating a salary change.
With notifications, you stay informed about the salaries of the labor market in your position in your region. Every three months you will automatically receive a current salary comparison. If there is not enough data to compare your salary, you will receive a document Tip for negotiating your salary.
The app also includes a net salary calculator for countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland

The following languages are currently available: English, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian.

Salaries in related positions

We are sure you're wondering where you could move if you were to work in a different position. Paylab.com - salary comparator will show you the salaries in related positions, giving you a comprehensive overview of the labor market situation.

Compare your salary with the world

The app compares your salary with other people in the world. In doing so, it takes into account your position with age, education and practice. This makes it easy to see where your salary is compared to your competitors in the world. The app will also show you what salaries are in your position in other European countries, comparing wages in your currency.

Paylab.com - salary comparison
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