3 reasons to download the Paylab Salary Checker app

  • know your value anytime and be prepared to ask for raise or change the job
  • know about salaries of employees like you wherever in the world
  • stay informed about your salary trends compared to the labour market

Screenshots of the Paylab Salary Checker app

Mobile App Screenshots

How it works?

  • Fill in a short form within the app
  • You will automatically recieve Basic salary comparison - your salary compared to the average salary of individuals in the same position and region (county/country)
  • You can select whatever country in the world, the app respects locally used currencies
  • You are allowed to browse salary information in related positions and in all regions in special sections - Salaries on similar jobs and Salaries in other regions
  • If there is not enough data for that, at least you will recieve document with usefull tips, on how to negotiate your salary
  • You will be notified about every new respondent like you, working on your position and with your experience
  • You will be notified every three months with an up-to-date salary comparison
  • The calculator of net salary is included into app. We bring you salary calculator for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia (Android),
  • Original version of mobile app communicates with users in the English language, but according to the location of a user it supports Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and Polish language.
How it works Mobile image

Technical requirements for application

  • Android 4.0 and higher or iOS 10.0 and higher
  • Screen size 600x800 and higher
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