Austria - Salaries in the category: Mining, Metallurgy

Official national brutto average salary in Austria: 2,513.00 EUR

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Where should you work if you want to have home working?

More and more job seekers are asking for home-office, or home working, in interviews. This is considered standard in certain positions within efforts to make working conditions and non-financial benefits for employees more popular. Most typically, these are management positions and other qualified technical and non-technical positions. Its prevalence and popularity continue to climb at the workplace. Within its analysis, Paylab compiled a ranking of the top sectors where this benefit is most prevalent.

Is Your Employment Salary Dictating Your Credit Options?

Here’s how your pay could be affecting your borrowing ability and terms. While there is an abundance of credit options available on the market today, the ones that you can actually access will depend on a number of factors specific to an applicant. Most people automatically go to their credit scores and history when considering whether they will be deemed suitable for various credit or lending products. While it is certainly an influencing factor, your approval (or even consideration) for loans, consumer credit or even alternative lending is impacted by much more than past payment records.

Why does it pay off to show salaries in job ads?

From job portal statistics it’s clear that ads with a specified salary are viewed more often than offers without a salary. Still, most companies in CEE region prefer to keep the information about salaries secret, and candidates often find out only at the end of the job interview. The final agreed amount also depends to a large extent on the willingness of the candidate to negotiate.