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The 10 newest job profiles in our salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Software Engineer Information Technology Norway n/a 25-34 66,667 NOK
gender_icon Project Manager Management Switzerland medium company <24 5,000 CHF
gender_icon Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Banking Denmark n/a 37,500 DKK
gender_icon Technical Support Specialist Customer Support Denmark medium company 25-34 30,000 DKK
gender_icon Account Manager Commerce Italy n/a 25-34 2,917 EUR
gender_icon Medical Laboratory Technician Medicine & Social Care Bahrain medium company 25-34 375 BHD
gender_icon Visual merchandiser Commerce Kuwait n/a 25-34 500 KWD
gender_icon Seller / Cashier Commerce Israel n/a 25-34 6,269 ILS
gender_icon Business Intelligence Specialist Information Technology Denmark n/a 35-44 52,500 DKK
gender_icon Maintenance Engineer Mechanical Engineering Fiji n/a <24 706 FJD