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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Managing Director Top Management Austria medium company 35-44 10,416 EUR
gender_icon Procurement specialist Administration Egypt large company 25-34 2,000 EGP
gender_icon Software Engineer Information Technology Ukraine n/a <24 50,000 UAH
gender_icon Finance Manager Management South Africa n/a 25-34 56,666 ZAR
gender_icon Recruiter Human Resources Luxembourg large company 25-34 4,867 EUR
gender_icon IT System Administrator Information Technology Germany large company 25-34 4,983 EUR
gender_icon HR Generalist Human Resources Luxembourg large company 25-34 4,050 EUR
gender_icon HR Manager Human Resources Luxembourg large company 25-34 12,867 EUR
gender_icon Roofer Construction & Real Estate Denmark n/a 25-34 25,000 DKK
gender_icon Technical Manager Electrical & Power Engineering Cyprus n/a 35-44 3,000 EUR