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The 10 newest job profiles in our salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Head of the Legal Department Management Malta large company 35-44 6,133 EUR
gender_icon Pharmacist Medicine & Social Care Egypt n/a <24 3,200 EGP
gender_icon Compliance Specialist Banking Australia small company 25-34 3,631 AUD
gender_icon Recruiter Human Resources Malta large company 1,243 EUR
gender_icon Javascript Programmer Information Technology Germany medium company 25-34 4,200 EUR
gender_icon Lawyer Law & Legislation Argentina n/a 18,334 ARS
gender_icon Car Mechanic Car Industry Australia medium company 25-34 3,170 AUD
gender_icon Sales Representative Commerce Morocco n/a 28,000 MAD
gender_icon Javascript Programmer Information Technology Germany n/a 3,000 EUR
gender_icon Professor Education, Science & Research Austria large company 35-44 8,333 EUR