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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Junior Project Manager Management Denmark small company <24 31,295 DKK
gender_icon Assistant Financial Controller Economy, Finance, Accountancy Portugal medium company 25-34 1,250 EUR
gender_icon Regional Manager Top Management Trinidad and Tobago large company 35-44 45,833 TTD
gender_icon Senior Sales Representative Commerce Maldives large company 25-34 12,000 MVR
gender_icon Civil Engineer Construction & Real Estate Denmark medium company 35-44 62,500 DKK
gender_icon Call Operator Administration Oman n/a 1,200 OMR
gender_icon Veterinarian Medicine & Social Care Netherlands medium company 35-44 4,375 EUR
gender_icon Assistant Administration Macau n/a <24 24,000 MOP
gender_icon Purchasing Manager Commerce Denmark n/a 73,333 DKK
gender_icon General Labourer General labour United Arab Emirates n/a 25-34 812 AED