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The newest profiles in the salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon DevOps Engineer Information Technology Mexico n/a 35-44 68,655.00 MXN
gender_icon Clinical Research Associate Pharmaceutical Industry Taiwan n/a 70,000.00 TWD
gender_icon Music and Art School Teacher Education, Science & Research Seychelles medium company 25-34 22,083.00 SCR
gender_icon Data analyst Economy, Finance, Accountancy Stockholm n/a 25-34 51,000.00 SEK
gender_icon Software Engineer Information Technology Norway large company 25-34 69,766.00 NOK
gender_icon Financial Analyst Economy, Finance, Accountancy United Kingdom n/a 25-34 2,417.00 GBP
gender_icon Cost Accountant Economy, Finance, Accountancy United Kingdom n/a 25-34 2,417.00 GBP
gender_icon Cleaner General labour Netherlands n/a <24 2,600.00 EUR
gender_icon Risk Manager Management Zambia large company 24,443.00 ZMK
gender_icon Doctor Medicine & Social Care USA n/a 16,667.00 USD