Which sectors offer the highest paychecks? TOP paid sectors in Europe!

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The international portal for wage comparisons – Paylab – has compiled a ranking of the highest paid sectors where it is worth working. The portal has salary information for more than 500 jobs from over 454,000 respondents, which are analysed based on business areas in which employers operates. In this analysis, Paylab took into account all types of jobs from unskilled to management positions.

It also took into account the size of the company – so the Paylab analysis was valid from small companies with a few employees to large corporations in a defined business area. Another important variable was the number of employees who, besides regular wage, are provided with financial benefits as bonuses.

Top sector with the best average salary is clearly Information and Communication – information technology, computer programming, telecommunication and media houses – (publishing, TV, radio). Information and modern information technology makes the world and are currently the gold price as same as their employees. IT manager belongs nowadays to the top wanted positions and technical professionals are intensively sought after by employers in Europe. It is a progressive area that is constantly moving forward and innovating products and services.


Another lucrative area of employment is companies that supply basic commodities for households, companies and institutions – electricity, gas, water, heat, steam, air conditioning, and waste management.

The third best paying industry is financial and insurance services, which contains banking, finance and financial consultancy. Money and guarantees is a lucrative sector of income and provides employees, compared to all sectors, with the highest rewards in relation to basic income.


Another major area where average salaries are, of the studied business areas, relatively high, is the manufacturing sector. Here are various types of industrial production, and the strongest industries are mainly automotive, electrical and chemical industries where work is well paid. Working in the manufacturing, however, is often better financially evaluate, than is work in administration or the trade.

Fifth place is the construction sector, real estate, which is engaged in building, buying, selling renting apartments, construction of new buildings, flats and offices, and real estate services associated with these activities. Currently it is an interesting sector from the wage perspective.

The sector that ended at the scale with the lowest average salaries is accommodation and food services.

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