Getting Hired: Effective Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

10 August 2021

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The ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic shows no sign of abating. This is why more and more people are now seeking jobs while working from home. This is because they have now become comfortable with the home office concept. Not only do they get to save on fuel but they also get the chance to work more productively, sometimes for more hours. There is no need to contend with a rush-hour commute, nor take extended coffee breaks with colleagues.

Let us see how you can go about landing the job of your dreams while working from home:


Both as an employee and as a self-employed person it is up to you to decide on precisely how to go about conducting as well as managing the whole of the job-seeking process, all by yourself.  As with most things, you have to start your search online. Apart from that, you have to search for help wanted ads regarding your own specific area of interest. Moreover,  it is a good idea to become part of social media websites and groups that are related to your field and make contacts there. You can also ask your extended network of friends and family to help you out. Finally, you can visit your desired organizations and companies on an individual basis and drop your resume.

Check Out Vacant Posts

In case you see a vacant job position that you like, you should ask yourself if you have the requisite skills as well as experience to apply for it. Do not sell yourself short. Maybe you are more than qualified for this job, and you just don't know it yet. Give it a shot, even if it feels way out of your reach.  

You Might Consider Using a Professional Employer Organization

Always remember that you are not the only person applying for that dream job. Many prospective employees will be spending a lot of time and energy doing exactly the same thing. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find the best fit, both from the corporate as well as prospective employee viewpoint. This is the part where a good professional employer organization (PEO) comes into the picture. They can be of great help in ensuring that you get the best opportunities for your future employment prospects.

Create Bespoke Documents

Do not opt for a one size fits all generic document. Recruiters don't like them at all. Even if you have to tailor-make different applications, do so by all means. You should also fine-tune your cover letter for the same purpose. You should always try to give your very best in order to increase your chances of rising head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates who have applied for the same job. Here you will have to make sure that your resume and cover letter are hitting the keywords that jump out of the job description, especially the ones related to experience, education, and skills. You should also try to send your files in pdf format, whenever you apply online since it is considered more professional. If your documents are on MS word or any other word processing format, it is important that you convert to PDF all such documents before mailing them to your potential employer.

Create a Contract

You must always ask for a binding agreement with the company that hires you. Moreover, the contents of your contract should always be drafted in such a manner that they are always in complete compliance with all of the labor laws of your area of residence.  As a matter of fact, your job contract should contain all of the specific terms of the agreement as well as a job description. Furthermore, the contract should include the remuneration and compensation as per the JD (job description). Finally, both parties should agree with all of the terms of the contract and should commit to the same in letter and spirit.

Alternative ideas

If getting hired by a company doesn't work out for you then why not start a business of your own. The process of starting a business has been done time and again, so you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Even if you're starting from scratch, there's no need to waste brainpower on figuring out what needs to be done--just follow someone who has already created their own success story, there are also plenty of places for advice and resources available online or on bookshelves near you. One of the most first things to do for new entrepreneurs is coming up with a business idea. And next, there are some aspects that they have to consider, from coming up with an excellent idea all the way down to business planning, fundraising and more. An important key to remember is that if you want to register your own company, now it is easier than ever. You can do it online in your native or a foreign country as well. There are many platforms that offer company formation services that will help you get started.


Getting your dream job as a work-from-home employee is not very difficult. Provided you take the time and effort to look for the right place and take all necessary steps to secure gainful employment. 

For Paylab.com, Aurora Heidrick

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