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Official national brutto average salary in Korea-South: 3,128,487 KRW

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What are the major stress factors causing employees to lose sleep?

Workplace stress has an influence on sleep. People who are stressed sleep less. A survey conducted by the international Paylab.com portal titled Stress in the Workplace shows that employees who sleep 6 hours a day or less on a regular basis during the workweek complain of stress at work to a much greater extent. They suffer from an onslaught of duties and responsibilities, low salary, overtime work, and a lack of free time and rest. The survey was conducted at the start of 2017 and involved a sample of 58,508 employees in 11 European countries.

Women in the CEE region earn 7% less than men in the same position

The pay gap between men and women endures and is a pressing issue almost worldwide. A comparison of salaries at the position level provides a relevant insight into fair financial compensation. Based on an analysis conducted by the international Paylab.com portal, women earn 2 to 11% less on average than men in the same positions in individual CEE countries.

What makes people want to work abroad? Brain Drain Potential from European countries (+infographic)

The willingness of people from Central and Eastern Europe to travel abroad for work is quite high. Only three out of ten employees from this region completely rule-out the option of working abroad. Almost half the CEE region’s employees declared a willingness to travel abroad for work, either for several weeks or months, or a longer period. But they are more choosy about the job offers. Men are significantly more interested in working abroad than women.