Paylab API

Do you need to work with salary data in large quantities? We have Paylab API ready for you, which will allow you to obtain salary data in a different structure and for the range you have selected. See the Paylab API documentation and choose the appropriate Paylab API package.

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What can you get with Paylab API?

  • Paylab has salary figures for over 150 countries and 700+ jobs.
  • By choosing the Paylab package, you choose which data structure we will supply you with. From the basic range of salaries to detailed data for salaries according to experience or size of company.
  • Paylab keeps up to date as respondents increase, but at least every quarter.
  • Payroll data is calculated on data collected from employees on a daily basis. Only verified data is included in calculations.
  • Salary results are calculated with statistical models (regression model and estimation model). More about the Paylab methodology
  • Paylab works on total monthly salaries and in general these are gross salaries. In the following countries only it is based on net salaries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Northern Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.
  • By default, we process data in local currency with the possibility of converting it to USD or EUR according to the current exchange rate.

Paylab API Pricing

Choose the Paylab API package that meets your needs. We differentiate the scope of salary data provided, and the price also depends on the number of requests per month.
1 request = salary data for one position in the country according to the selected package.
  • Salary range: 1st decile, 9th decile
  • Total monthly salary
  • Email support
  • Max queries per month:

99 EUR/monthly*

+ 1000 queries 20 EUR
Request Basic
  • Salary range: average, 1st decile, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, 9th decile
  • Total monthly salary
  • Email support
  • Max queries per month:

399 EUR/monthly*

+ 1000 queries 30 EUR
Request Advanced
  • Salary range: Median, Average, 1st decile, 1st quartile, 3rd quartile, 9th decile
  • Total monthly salary
  • Salaries by work experience
  • Salary by company size
  • Salary by regions (if available)
  • Email support
  • Max queries per month:

699 EUR/monthly*

+ 1000 queries 40 EUR
Request Full
* Prices are without 20% VAT. By purchasing the package, you agree to an annual subscription, which will be invoiced on a monthly basis.