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Official national brutto average salary in Angola: 0.00

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Why does it pay off to show salaries in job ads?

From job portal statistics it’s clear that ads with a specified salary are viewed more often than offers without a salary. Still, most companies in CEE region prefer to keep the information about salaries secret, and candidates often find out only at the end of the job interview. The final agreed amount also depends to a large extent on the willingness of the candidate to negotiate.

Why others get more than me? Nine factors that affect how much we earn.

There are many different ways to examine one’s pay because it is affected by a variety of different factors, but especially the specific job we perform. The international portal has been aggregating salary information for more than 10 years and has localised salary portals in more than 20 countries. Paylab compiled a list of nine key factors that go a long way in explaining why you’re earning more or less than the market rate. They are well worth keeping in mind the next time you analyse your salary or consider making a career change.

People in IT and management are most curious about the fairness of their salaries

Employees working in information technology, management and administration have the greatest demand for salary information. This is based on analysis from salary questionnaires completed last year across the entire Paylab network. Salary adjustment inside companies is a dynamic process, as managers must try and balance salaries that are equitable internally and competitive externally for the given employee on the market. Employees most often complete these salary questionnaires when preparing for a job interview or a performance evaluation.