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The 10 newest job profiles in our salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Dealer/Trader Banking Luxembourg large company 25-34 4,200 EUR
gender_icon Car Mechanic Car Industry Azerbaijan medium company 25-34 2,100 AZN
gender_icon Product Manager Banking Liechtenstein large company 25-34 8,000 CHF
gender_icon Estate Agent Construction & Real Estate Spain n/a 25-34 3,450 EUR
gender_icon IT System Administrator Information Technology Namibia medium company 25-34 176,075 NAD
gender_icon Environmentalist Water Management, Forestry, Environment Ghana n/a 25-34 10,000 GHS
gender_icon Nurse Medicine & Social Care Brazil n/a 45-54 8,021 BRL
gender_icon Regulatory Affairs Specialist Medicine & Social Care New Zealand n/a 25-34 7,083 NZD
gender_icon Guidance Counselor Education, Science & Research Macau n/a 25-34 30,000 MOP
gender_icon Data entry clerk Administration Zambia medium company 25-34 12,167 ZMK