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News heading How and when to request a salary increase

05 . Jun

Subconsciously we associate salary increases with the end of the year, which is typically when companies conduct employee annual reviews. This is an opportunity for an objective and subjective assessm...

News heading Working in a Coronavirus World

20 . May

Throughout the world the Covid-19 epidemic has had a far-reaching effect on every single aspect of life. In business terms, according to the BBC News online a total of 81% of the global workforce of 3...

The 10 newest job profiles in our salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Loan Specialist Banking Bangladesh large company 25-34 30,000 BDT
gender_icon Insurance Underwriter Insurance Malta n/a 25-34 2,292 EUR
gender_icon iOS Developer Information Technology USA n/a 6,000 USD
gender_icon Power Engineer Electrical & Power Engineering South Africa n/a 25-34 40,000 ZAR
gender_icon Civil Engineer Construction & Real Estate Cameroon n/a 25-34 150,000 XAF
gender_icon IT System Administrator Information Technology Germany large company 25-34 3,000 EUR
gender_icon Electrician Electrical & Power Engineering Zambia n/a 1,500 ZMK
gender_icon Software Engineer Information Technology Germany medium company 25-34 4,150 EUR
gender_icon Lead developer Information Technology Austria n/a 6,667 EUR
gender_icon Customs Broker Transport, Haulage, Logistics Jamaica n/a 25-34 47,917 JMD