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The newest profiles in the salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Accountant Economy, Finance, Accountancy Ghana large company 25-34 1,000.00 GHS
gender_icon Junior Project Manager Management Germany n/a 25-34 1,350.00 EUR
gender_icon IT Network Administrator Information Technology Attica n/a 850.00 EUR
gender_icon Team leader Management Germany medium company 25-34 5,250.00 EUR
gender_icon Quality Manager Management Taiwan medium company 25-34 100,000.00 TWD
gender_icon Ambulance Driver Medicine & Social Care Zambia medium company <24 6,646.00 ZMK
gender_icon Designer Arts & Culture Korea-South small company 25-34 3,000,000.00 KRW
gender_icon Education coordinator Education, Science & Research Lebanon n/a 35-44 1,700,000.00 LBP
gender_icon Caregiver Medicine & Social Care Mauritius n/a 45-54 10,000.00 MUR
gender_icon Assistant Administration Province of Ragusa n/a 25-34 1,000.00 EUR