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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Production Supervisor Management Monufia large company <24 3,525.00 EGP
gender_icon Pedicurist, Manicurist, Nail Technician Service Industries Krauchthal n/a 2,500.00 CHF
gender_icon IT Manager Management Ethiopia medium company 25-34 9,000.00 ETB
gender_icon HR Generalist Human Resources United States medium company 35-44 5,542.00 USD
gender_icon Software Engineer Information Technology Graz n/a 4,500.00 EUR
gender_icon Metallurgist Mining, Metallurgy Namibia large company 25-34 10,000.00 NAD
gender_icon HR Manager Management Lisbon n/a 2,200.00 EUR
gender_icon Warehouse Manager Management Eastern Province large company 25-34 11,625.00 SAR
gender_icon Chemist Chemical Industry Attica n/a 1,700.00 EUR
gender_icon IT Architect Information Technology Germany n/a 8,500.00 EUR