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The newest profiles in the salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon IT Architect Information Technology United States large company 35-44 12,808.00 USD
gender_icon Administrative Worker Administration Lesotho medium company 25-34 3,000.00 LSL
gender_icon Architect Construction & Real Estate Luxembourg medium company 25-34 2,650.00 EUR
gender_icon Team leader Management Nyon n/a 35-44 14,667.00 CHF
gender_icon Financial Analyst Economy, Finance, Accountancy Luxembourg n/a 25-34 10,167.00 EUR
gender_icon Business Intelligence Specialist Information Technology Vienna medium company 35-44 4,167.00 EUR
gender_icon Internal Communication Specialist Marketing, Advertising, PR Norway n/a 45-54 41,667.00 NOK
gender_icon Data analyst Economy, Finance, Accountancy Kuala Lumpur n/a 25-34 5,000.00 MYR
gender_icon Testing manager Management Copenhagen n/a 35-44 57,000.00 DKK
gender_icon Civil Engineer Construction & Real Estate Germany n/a 25-34 3,600.00 EUR