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17 . Jan

The usage of videos grows and spreads day by day. Videos are needed in any sphere, from education to marketing, healthcare to entertainment. Visuals help to explain information and make everything mor...

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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Health and Safety Officer Security & Protection Orestad medium company (51 - 249 employees) 35-44 12,734.90 ANG
gender_icon Marketing Manager Management Luxembourg n/a 10,347.00 ANG
gender_icon Frontend developer Information Technology Germany n/a 25-34 10,347.00 ANG
gender_icon Chemical Engineer Chemical Industry Germany n/a 35-44 8,511.44 ANG
gender_icon Data scientist Information Technology Stockholm n/a 9,837.34 ANG
gender_icon Software Engineer Information Technology Germany n/a 9,484.06 ANG
gender_icon Accounting service manager Economy, Finance, Accountancy Kandy District n/a 35-44 1,389.97 ANG
gender_icon Chemical Engineer Chemical Industry Stockholm n/a 25-34 6,143.86 ANG
gender_icon HR Coordinator Human Resources Papua New Guinea large company (250 or more employees) 25-34 744.03 ANG
gender_icon Security Guard Security & Protection Botswana n/a 25-34 308.64 ANG