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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Research Worker, Scientific Worker Education, Science & Research Walloon Brabant Province medium company (51 - 249 employees) 25-34 4,856.23 USD
gender_icon Agricultural Equipment Operator Agriculture, Food Industry Mubārak al Kabīr n/a 25-34 1,582.34 USD
gender_icon Product owner Management Attica n/a 25-34 4,780.97 USD
gender_icon Logistics Manager Management Poortugaal medium company (51 - 249 employees) 4,927.18 USD
gender_icon Designer Arts & Culture Petaling Jaya n/a 25-34 869.38 USD
gender_icon Mechatronics Technician Car Industry Aarhus C n/a 35-44 5,773.20 USD
gender_icon Sales Manager Management Klang medium company (51 - 249 employees) 45-54 1,086.73 USD
gender_icon Digital marketing specialist Marketing, Advertising, PR Malmo n/a 25-34 4,196.70 USD
gender_icon Managing Director Top Management Tunisia n/a 45-54 563.64 USD
gender_icon Project Assistant Administration Yerevan small company (up to 50 employees) 631.08 USD