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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Operations Supervisor Mechanical Engineering Parachinar large company (250 or more employees) 25-34 440.62 USD
gender_icon Chief Executive Officer Top Management Central Region n/a <24 869.19 USD
gender_icon Compliance Specialist Banking Mauritius n/a 25-34 988.38 USD
gender_icon Baker Agriculture, Food Industry Russia n/a 183.36 USD
gender_icon Data analyst Economy, Finance, Accountancy Australia n/a 25-34 3,345.16 USD
gender_icon Maintenance Engineer Electrical & Power Engineering Oman n/a 2,164.80 USD
gender_icon Quality Manager Management Solothurn n/a 35-44 13,330.59 USD
gender_icon Security Guard Security & Protection Israel n/a 1,676.84 USD
gender_icon Office Manager Administration Western Region n/a 25-34 383.47 USD
gender_icon Junior Graphic Designer Journalism, Printing Arts & Media Central Region n/a 25-34 360.46 USD