For employees

1. How Paylab acquires salary data?
Paylab detects the highest salary for each profession. This data is collected from respondents who voluntarily decide to participate in the survey via a short anonymous questionnaire published on the web at paylab.com. All questionnaires are verified to prevent incorporating duplicate or incorrectly entered data into the outcome. We rarely ever come across false or misleading information from respondents, our long experience reveals that people respond honestly when providing data in an online environment.
2. I want to participate in the salary survey Paylab. What should I do?
To participate in the survey just fill in a questionnaire on the web at paylab.com. The questionnaire is anonymous. Mandatory questions relate to your gender, education, experience, the sector in which you work and, of course, the job position. In the questionnaire it is necessary to specify the amount of your pay or other salary components. In the questionnaire we also try to find out what kind of non-financial benefits your employer provides. Since we want to be able to compare salaries across regions, we also ask about the place of employment. Through participating in the survey you mainly help yourself because the more data we get, the more relevant information we can provide. If for your position there is not enough data for salary comparison, let us know your email address and we will send you the salary comparison as soon as we collect enough data.
3. Can I find out the amount of the average salary for any position?
Thanks to Paylab you can find out the average salary for almost all positions (Exceptions may be the new positions for which we do not have sufficient data and completed questionnaires). Just enter the name of the position and immediately you will find out what the average salary of the people engaged in this job is. To positions we also add job descriptions so that it is easier for you to detect whether the selected position is really the one you are interested in. Thanks to the wide scope of PayLab you can also find out the amount of wages not only in your country but also in selected European countries that are involved in our salary survey.
4. Is detecting a salary for a specific position charged?
No, salary data for each position is free of charge. All visitors of our site can find jobs which they are interested in and find out their average salary. Visitors can also fill out an online questionnaire and in this way expand the salary database Paylab. If you would like detailed information on salaries in a particular position you can use a custom analysis for a fee. There you will find out how the amount of the salary changes according to work experience and education, how to negotiate the salary and what kind of benefits are most often provided on your position.

For companies

1. What data does Paylab offer to companies?
Paylab offers companies detailed salary data in 11 European countries. We obtained this data through questionnaires from respondents. Our respondents are employees of different companies from almost all economic sectors. The anonymous questionnaires reveal in what area and in what position they work, specify the amount of their salary together with other salary components (variable salary component, year-end bonuses, Christmas bonus salary), we also ask about non-financial benefits provided by the employer.
2. What is the online tool Paylab and how does it work?
The online tool Paylab can analyze individual job positions and based on the outcome you can set the optimum amount of remuneration. You can choose from several packages - analysis for one or five jobs, or for an unlimited amount. In case of specific requests we can prepare a custom analysis for you. You can save all outputs from the online tool for future use. The Paylab online tool is a great help. If, for example, you want to fill in a new vacancy but you cannot determine the amount of remuneration, you can use the full salary analysis for the selected position. Doing so you will set adequate wages for your employees depending on their experience and education. The analysis takes into account attributes such as region, industry or size of your company. The online tool PayLab of every country is open to companies from that country. For those from other countries interested in salary data we will be happy to prepare a special analysis according to the client's needs.
3. How can the data from Paylab help companies?
With data from Paylab you have a perfect overview of the current state of wages. Due to salary information on individual positions you can save on costs for the company, because you won't overpay employees. With Paylab you also get a unique insight into the remuneration policies of other companies, enabling you to prevent losing your quality employees to competitive companies.
4. How much is the use of Paylab data?
Prices for services Paylab are disclosed in the price list for each country. If interested in a special analysis of salaries, just contact us, we will prepare a price calculation according to the intensity and depth of the required data.
5. How can I get Paylab data for my company?
Currently we have detailed salary data from ten countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. If you are interested in Paylab data for your company, just contact us on [email protected]