Creating a Healthier Office Environment to Benefit Employees

9 May 2022

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You will find several factors contributing to the productivity of people working in a workplace. One of the crucial ones is the work environment. So, what is a healthy work environment? It is a place that provides the employees with a mentally and physically safe workplace. Here are some tips for making the work environment healthy.

These tips will help in raising the productivity of your employees and their happiness in the workplace. 

1. Using standing desks

It is usually not healthy to sit in one position for longer periods. However, having constant activity at the workplace is not always a good idea. As a compromise solution, several companies are bringing in standing desks for their staff members. This allows the employees to either stand or sit as they feel comfortable. Companies may select between having full standing desks or using units that sit over the regular desks of the employees. However, keep in mind that it is not healthy for the staff members to be on their feet throughout the day. You need to encourage a good balance of standing and sitting with constant movements in the office.

2. Create comfortable spaces

Any ideal space for the teams to work from is usually a small one. So, people can not only work closely but also need to feel comfortable. For creating such a space, make sure that everybody has independent areas where they can keep the tools they are using within their reach. They must still be able to look on their sides and cooperate with other members of the team. You can think about having a workplace gym with weight plates as it can positively affect the employees' health.

3. Identify the employees to reward

One of the ways of keeping your spirits high is by recognizing the efforts of your team members. You can offer some rewards for completing the project milestones. Most projects are exciting in the beginning but over time things can become tedious and tough. You need to set milestones and reward the people for accomplishing the targets. There is no need to have huge rewards. You may send an email informing the entire team about how well you have done and that a person achieved a milestone. You may offer a treat for the entire team with lunch or coffee. These small gestures matter quite a bit and are terrific for morale.

4. Keep the team members connected 

Significantly, the team members are connected even in the case of remote workers. When you are trying to establish a productive working relationship all the employees must know each other. Take into account different ways to get the team members to be better connected. In case these are remote workers you can schedule virtual meetings that allow people to participate. You need to start these meetings with ice-breakers such as "Do you have pets?" or "What's your hobby?" These questions help the employees learn more about each other and have better personal connections.  

5. Bring some plants into the workplace

Several ways can be used to develop a more comfortable and healthier workplace. They help improve the air quality. This is especially significant in case the office is stuffy or has some dry air in it. Plants make a section of the workplace cheery and place you in a better frame of mind. The best plants are those that are leafy and green. You need to stay away from some of them such as cacti because they can prick the employees. Too many plants in a section can also be overwhelming. So, place the plants strategically around the office in places such as shelves and tables.


A healthy work environment is a place where the employees feel acknowledged and heard for their contribution. They will be aware of how their contribution is a part of something larger. This mindset allows for more innovation and better trust in the leadership. And this is the bottom line for any organization. Any organization with a more engaged workforce is likely to be 20% more profitable. Using technology helps permit you to reap the rewards of a healthier work environment.

Aurora Heidrick for Paylab.com

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