How to Be Successful As a Remote Sales Agent

18 December 2020

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Remote working is a growing trend globally. In the last decade, there has been an 80% increase in the number of people who work from home. It is anticipated that about 76% of the young workforce will soon transition to remote working because remote working has a lot of benefits to offer as reported in a recent research study.

However, when working as a remote sales rep, there are a lot of challenges that you need to overcome to be successful. Here are 4 tips to succeed as a remote sales agent:

1. Utilize communication tools

Gone are the days when the only tools you could use when working remotely were just email, instant message, or text. With the growing number of remote workers in recent times, there have been advancements in technology to make remote working feasible. The tools used previously lacked a personal touch which is a necessity given that we are human beings. The need to feel connected has increased the need for use of communication tools such as video calls. The utilization of video conferencing for sales provides you with more insights into how a person is responding so that you act accordingly. They are also ideal for showing your customers live product demos which is more effective than using mere words. Such approaches decrease your sales cycle enabling you to generate immense revenues. Additionally, this kind of communication saves you money and boosts morale while working remotely.

2. Get yourself a workstation

Another tip to succeed in working from home is investing in a home office. This workstation should resemble a typical company office to enable you to maintain your productivity. The beauty of having a home office is that you have the liberty of design so that it is more comfortable and suits your work needs. This workstation can be included as one of your home additions in your house to make your home design flow seamlessly. You can pick out the desk that you want, the chair, and the décor so that you personalize this working space.

The advantage of having a home office is that it will save you money and time that you would normally use to drive to work as it is just a few steps away. Such convenience will enable you to put in more hours at work thus becoming a successful sales agent!

3. Maintain focus and discipline

Your success as a remote worker also lies in how you keep off distractions and develop workplace discipline. Therefore, you need to create a schedule where you begin and end your day at the same time daily. It is also encouraged that you take regular health breaks to replenish your energy to avoid sinking into cognitive boredom. During these 15 minutes breaks, you should step into the kitchen for a cup of coffee or lunch depending on the hour that you took the break. While working remotely, you should avoid conducting house chores on the hours that have been designated for work otherwise you will lose your momentum.

Additionally, ensure that you have an elaborate work plan for all working days to maintain organization and enable you to meet the set work targets. However, do not cut yourself out from the world, step out of the house and network sometimes!

4. Leverage your social network

As a sales agent, it is pertinent that you make use of your social network to connect not only with customers but your colleagues as well. If you can recall, there are a lot of side conversations that happen in a traditional office setting during tea and lunch breaks. Such interactions are not there when you are working remotely. If you are not careful, the only people that you will be engaging with are your customers. While it is good, it may end being monotonous.

Therefore, you need to maintain a dialogue with your colleagues to enhance collaboration. Depending on what apps your company is using, you could use platforms to share interesting posts and make comments on items shared by other people. The utilization of such social forums will keep you going as you deliver high-quality services from the comfort of your home.


It takes using the appropriate communication tools, getting yourself a home office, maintaining focus and discipline, and leveraging social networks to make it as a remote sales agent. Therefore, get creative to enjoy the benefits that come with it!

Aurora Heidrick

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