It Is Summer Here: How to Find Good Part Time Job for Students

18 May 2021

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Finding a job could be a task, especially when you're an undergraduate, or pursuing your graduation and without a professional degree. Well, since the culture of part-time jobs is popularizing (thanks to the west!), there are several ways to find a job. In this article, we shall be discussing the different ways by which you could find a suitable job for yourself.

Job searching applications:

Several applications across the internet could help you to get yourself a job. The interface is quite simple and allows the usage easier. You just need to enter some of your details like your name, phone number, etc, and upload your CV. Choose a job profile, you feel you can fit in and search it up the application you're using. The application will provide you with a list of vacancies. Apart from full-time jobs, you can also look for internships (paid or unpaid) and some part-time jobs, by filling in your preference. You can send your CV to all the vacancies you're interested in and these applications even allow you to exchange texts and contact your recruiter. Most job vacancies posted on these apps also mention the payment. So you can choose amongst the jobs that pay you the best.

Social media sites:

If you spend a lot of time scrolling Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, maybe you could turn it into something productive. From Facebook to Instagram, all the social networking sites are filled with vacancies for full-time, part-time, work-from-home jobs, etc. You could visit the pages and social media handles of different companies and be better educated about them. You could apply for the vacancies through these sites also. LinkedIn is another social media networking application that you could use to connect with recruiters from all over the world.

Job fairs:

Job fairs are events hosted by almost all universities and each year. These last for almost 2 months and have students from across the states attending them in search of a job. These events give you a chance to meet your recruiters one to one and represent yourself better. To make a better impression on the recruiters, get a list of all the companies that shall be attending the career fair at your university. Do some research about these companies so that you can answer their questions better and be better prepared for your meeting with the recruiters. If you are wondering how a student can start a web developer career, then search no further, job fairs make an excellent choice.

Recruitment firms:

It is almost like using a dating app. You fill up your preferences and your details, and the application matches your preferences with the other people's details and sets you up with the most suitable person or persons. Similarly, these firms collect all the details from you about you and the kind of job profile you're looking for. They then match your requirements with the recruiter's requirements and choose the most appropriate job profiles for you. They send your details to the recruiters and also schedule an appointment for you. These recruitment firms make job hunting the easiest.

Expand your contacts:

Try contacting your friends and find out if any one of them or if any of your friends are employed in a part-time job. You could take help from your acquaintances or some family friends to have better guidance on recruitment. If one of your friends or friends of friends is working as a part-time employee, talk to them and take details about their job. Take their help to get an interview scheduled with the recruiter and also let them help you to prepare better for the interview. Once you're working, interact more with your colleagues, who may help you if you need to switch your job. You could choose to work in a coworking space. Coworking spaces are quite popular these days. The coworking spaces in Houston are an inspiration for a new culture coming up.


If you're a student looking for a job, there are several ways you could tune in your efforts to make your way easier. You could try some job searching applications and look for suitable part-time jobs or paid internships. You could use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc. to find jobs of your choice. You could try attending the career fairs at your university or get in contact with a recruitment firm. These companies collect your information and match it with the requirements of the recruiter. They then schedule an interview for you with the recruiter. Contacting your friends is another option you could consider.

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