Paylab Salary Checker Mobile App has iOS version for iPhone

Paylab, an international salary portal, launched an iOS version of the Paylab Salary Checker. It is good news for iPhone fans, who can also use the mobile app to compare salaries. The app is free and available for download at the App Store. The app is for all employees who want the bigger salary picture, who are unsatisfied with their salary and want to do something about it, and those looking for a job and wanting to know the value of labour for a particular position.

Paylab Salary Checker comes with two innovations. The user can see not only the salary on specific job positions, but also remuneration for related job positions. In addition, users get an overview of the salaries in the regions and other countries. Since December 2016 the app has been available only for Android users in the Google Play Store.

Paylab Salarz Checker app compare salarz iOS

The application has an international utility as it is popular not only in Europe, but also in Turkey with a consistent download rate.

The app allows you to be constantly fed information about salary developments for a particular position in a specific country. All work has its value, hence you should have constantly updated information about your value on the labour market.

The mobile app builds on the Paylab salary portal, making this service more personalized for employees by providing them with regular salary updates.

Salary information is seen as a very sensitive topic. That is why Paylab launched this anonymous service where individuals can compare their salary with other employees in a given country in a safe and secure manner.

Information provided becomes an indispensable aid for the app user in job interviews, evaluation interviews, and pay rise negotiations.

According to Paylab survey, changing job is still the most preferred strategy for employees seeking to increase income. It is much more likely option as initiating a pay discussion and negotiating a pay rise with the boss, especially for those, who feel underpaid. Paylab app wants to help employees to be prepare for such situations with arguments about remuneration of workers on their job positions.

Paylab Salary Checker free download iOS

How does the app work and who is it for?

After completing the information necessary to compare salaries, the app user receives information about the average monthly salary for his/her position, in the particular region or country and information about the salaries of related job positions. The user can also opt to receive regular updates every time a new respondent with the same position completes his/her salary details, comparing the user's salary with that of the new respondent.

In countries where Paylab doesn't yet have sufficient respondent data, after completing the necessary input data, the user is provided with useful tips for salary negotiations.

Users also find out what percentage of respondents in Paylab's global database (more than 500 000 respondents) earn less than them. Paylab will provide the user with a salary comparison for the specific position and region as soon as it has sufficient data from other respondents in the given country.

The data used in the salary comparison is updated every month. Every three months, the system automatically informs the user about the current average salary for his/her position. The app is secure and guarantees maximum data confidentiality.

Paylab Salary Checker app iPhone android version

Paylab background and vision was set up in September 2015 and operates 16 local salary portals utilising identical data acquisition methodology, mostly in the Central Southern and Northern Europe. It also provides people from around the globe with the opportunity to compare their salary at Paylab's ambition and vision is to provide long term up-to-date global salary data with a focus on Europe and developing markets in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We have seen increased demand for a similar salary comparison service throughout the region.

The first salary portal was launched by Profesia in Slovakia in 2007, creating a salary data collection, clean-up and evaluation system, and methodology. A network of local salary portals was subsequently created in local languages in Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland), the Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bulgaria), the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Finland, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. The Paylab brand is part of the Finnish Alma Media group.

Paylab Salary Checker Free Download iOS iPhone

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