The Best 9 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work and Inspire Those Around You

26 August 2022

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Every team has that one individual who is always accomplishing tasks and appears enthusiastic about work most of the time. If you have such an individual in your team, you can bet that such kind of motivation can be inspiring to the rest of the team. So, what do they do to stay that motivated?

Well, here are nine secrets of highly motivated individuals that you can implement to stay motivated at work and be an inspiration to others around you.

1.  Keep in mind your why

Staying conscious of why you are working can be the greatest motivator especially when you are feeling low. You could be working to fulfill some goals such as buying a house in the next five years or earning a higher post in two years' time. Or, to fulfill a purpose such as changing peoples' lives and the like. When you think of your reason for working, you don't see it as hard work or something that you have to do. It gives your work a meaning, which fuels motivation.

2.  Breakdown large goal/tasks into small achievable goals

Looking at huge, scary tasks can be the fastest motivation killer. It can be hard to find a starting point when you view overwhelming tasks this way. Take time to breakdown such goals or tasks into small goals that are easily achievable. This not only gives you a roadmap on how to go about the task, but seeing yourself ticking one small goal after another gives you the motivation to keep going.

3.  Declutter your workspace

It can be frustrating if you have to dig your hands through piles of paper to find something that you need urgently. Besides this, cluttered spaces clutter the mind, and can be a source of stress, loss of focus and a reason to procrastinate. Always ensure that your workspace is clean and organized by putting things that you don't need away after use. You can also bring in a plant or some inspiring artwork or photos for your desk.

4.  Take regular breaks

Working nonstop for long hours is not only bad for your back and neck, but it can be a recipe for fatigue and burnout. Moreover, working that way can sup all the motivation for the following days. Make sure to take breaks in between your tasks to clear the mind and rejuvenate. A break can be as simple as a walk around the block or a trip to the break room for some rest over a cup of coffee.

5.  Prioritize your wellbeing

The truth is that you need to be in the best shape to stay inspired and motivated at work. So, make sure that you are taking care of your health - mental, emotional and physical health. Create time in your schedule for physical exercise. Additionally, spend time with friends and family, get out in nature and the like. Taking your chopper bike to the nearest green space to relax in nature can be good for your physical and mental health.

6.  Try something new

Doing the same thing day in, day out can get monotonous and boring. Doing something new spices things up and brings a dash of excitement to your days. If you commit to learning a new skill, you are likely to stay motivated as you are looking forward to the session at the end of the day. Additionally, applying the acquired skills at work can get exciting when you get different results or your work is simplified.

7.  Practice gratitude

With so much to do and goals to achieve, it can feel like such a treacherous journey and motivation is bound to diminish. However, an attitude of gratitude helps you stay aware of all the good that is happening around you.  You see your job, colleagues and employer as a blessing, which is enough to keep you motivated at work.

8.  Write a to-do list everyday

Another greatest motivation killer is starting your day without a plan. So, take time to create a to-do list for the following day at the end of each working day. This ensures that you hit the ground running when you get to work rather than fumbling to find out where to begin. In addition, ensure that you tackle difficult tasks first when you still have the energy for it. Besides, seeing difficult tasks piling up one after another can only have a negative effect on your motivation.

9.  Build meaningful relationships with colleagues

If you work with people that you don't get along with, going to work can get depressing and staying motivated at work can be quite difficult. Strive to build great relationships with your colleagues. Spend time together in and outside work. Even when you feel uninspired, you can easily draw motivation from others in your team if you are friends.


Staying motivated at work is crucial for improved performance and productivity, as well as inspiring those around you. However, staying motivated isn't always easy as it appears with some people. The good thing, though, is that you can work some tricks to make it happen. The above listed tips are sure ways to keep you motivated at work. Consider implementing them in your days and see yourself motivated at all times.

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