Top 10 Highest Paid Office Jobs in the United States - 2022

9 February 2022

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A job is a job, whether it is sitting at a desk or roaming across places. Some individuals may not be able to stand the notion of spending their entire day in a cubicle behind their PC screen, bound to their swivel chair. While some may not fret working at a desk job altogether. It totally depends on an individual and may vary accordingly.

Presumably, you have been cautioned of the multitude of risks involved if one sits for eight hours at a stretch. So, all the people who belong to the latter coterie need not be disheartened. Several high-paying jobs out there may not require you to be on your feet. It could be done remotely as per your comfort zone.

If you cannot envision yourself burning through the office hours at your desk, monetary compensation might act as an extraordinary motivating force.

Even if that does not give you the required kick, you need not worry. This article will provide you with an insight into some of the highest-paying jobs in the United States that do not involve any fieldwork. Moreover, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the paid office jobs are now done remotely without moving an inch.

Top 10 Highest Paid Office Jobs in United States

Here are the top 10 Highest Paid Office Jobs in the United States from the statistics taken from Paylab:

1.  Receptionist

Average monthly salary - $3,087

A receptionist is the representative of your organization. Good reception with a humble receptionist adds the cherry on the cake. They are responsible for welcoming all the visitors in a friendly manner and making room for them.

So, it is considered one of the highly respectable and highly paid jobs. A receptionist is supposed to answer all the phone calls politely and answer any guest's questions. They are expected to keep the reception and the common area clean and tidy. All the standard office equipment like computers, pens, paper, fax machines, etc., are taken care of by them.

2.  Certified Professional Coder

Average monthly salary - $3000

A certified professional coder is an individual who has passed a coding certification exam. They have expertise in one or more programming languages, and hence they develop software or apps based on their learning.

A certified professional coder earns a good salary because their work is not restricted to any particular domain. They are equipped with the required knowledge to work independently in all sectors. So, if you have that spark in you and have an in-depth understanding of any programming language, this profession could turn out to be a perfect choice for you.

3.  Procurement Specialist

Average monthly salary - $5,827

A procurement specialist is the heart and soul of the company because they are the ones who bring in goods and services for the company at a fair price. They are responsible for looking into the quality and material provided by the industry.

If you have good negotiation skills and an excellent rapport-building attitude, this profession could work wonders for you. There are several highly lucrative procurement specialist jobs available that you could look for if you want a high-paying job.

4.  Human Resource Coordinator

Average monthly salary - $3,931

A Human Resource Coordinator is an individual who completes all the administrative duties of the HR department. They keep track of all the recruitment, maintenance of the employee records, payroll processing, and other similar ones. They assist in both internal and external HR-related inquiries.

This profession is highly paid and comes with significant responsibilities. So, becoming a Human Resource Coordinator is not that easy. There are various possible HR career paths with good pay that one can consider if you are interested in taking up this profession. It's up to you to decide based on your preference.

5.  Project Coordinator

Average monthly salary - $5,639

A project coordinator ensures all the project deliverables are done timely and within budget. A PC is responsible for scheduling all the meetings with the clients and determining project changes. They manage the internal scrum calls. Sprint Planning, Retrospective Meetings, and other similar meetings are taken care of by a project coordinator. 

It is prudent to have a project coordinator in a project who ensures that all deadlines are met. So, a project coordinator is paid a handsome salary because they are responsible for successful project completion. If you have the skill of a Project Coordinator, you must try this profession once.

6.  Data entry Clerk

Average monthly salary - $3,754

A data entry clerk is someone who feeds the data into the organization's database manually. They create spreadsheets, invoices, statements of all the departments and clients. They are responsible for storing all the hard copies in an organized manner. They ensure the data is backed up daily. 

So, it is another one of the highly paid office jobs. If you have an excellent hands-on MS-Office tool like word, excel, PowerPoint, then this job may be the right fit for you. The need for a data entry clerk has increased exponentially because all the organizations want to keep their data updated with no backlogs.

7.  Office Manager

Average monthly salary - $4,717

An office manager is someone who adheres to all the office protocols and coordinates office administration tasks. They are responsible for delegation, supervision, streamlining business requirements, and other similar tasks. They maintain all faxing, mailing, shipping, bills, and errands.

They are expected to coordinate with the IT department for all the office equipment as and when necessary. They make contracts, lease papers, and other essential documents to carry out the tasks. They ensure that all the work is done smoothly and flexibly which is why this profession is paid a hefty amount.

8.  Software Developer

Average monthly salary - $7,210

From morning till night, all the technology you use is created by a software developer. They are the masterminds of all that you do in this tech-savvy world. You cannot imagine a life without a software developer.

So, you might be able to guess that a software developer's job role must be one of the highest pay jobs in this digital world. It may vary depending on the experience of the developer. The more experienced, the more the demand, the more salary.

9.  Public Relations Manager

Average monthly salary - $4,603

A public relations manager manages the company's public relations team and oversees their tasks. They are responsible for creating and managing PR planning that includes budgets, timelines, and practical strategies for crisis management. They organize all the events, tours, and conferences for their products and services. 

If you see these capabilities in yourself, you must go for this profession. You may likely get a highly paid job if you get a job as public relations manager. There is no dearth of jobs in this competitive world.

10.  Call Centre Manager

Average monthly salary - $4,980

Call centre managers recruit the right candidate for one's organization. They recruit, train, and prepare them to provide an excellent service for their customers. They ensure that their primary goal of providing reliable and efficient support to their customers is unhindered.

This job profession is equally high paid in the United States. The call centre manager is expected to know all the ins and outs of the businesses running, products, tools used, and other facets of the organization. This job role demands effective communication skills.


Although one may say that money is not everything, it is always something. Which is why most people tend to ponder over "Which job pays the highest?" And when it comes to high-paying job roles, there is no beating around the bush. You need to do a proper analysis of the various opportunities available and work for it.

Racheal Bob for Paylab.com

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