Why Training Remote Employees Is Essential

27 September 2021

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With the spread of the covid 19 pandemic and its recurring waves, work from home is the only option most of the sectors are dwelling on. It has allowed our economy to regain a pace and therefore assure stability to the working classes. Where on one hand work from home has helped us continue our work lives despite the pandemic, it has also allowed people from distant places to work for several big firms and from the comfort of their homes.

Briefly, work from home has been a win-win opportunity at all costs. In this article, we shall be discussing the importance of remote training. 

How to train the employees?

Learning is a process that can be categorized into three classes; Synchronous learning, Asynchronous learning, and blended learning. Synchronous learning is when all the learners/employees participate in the training program simultaneously. Asynchronous learning is when they participate in the training whenever they get time. Blended learning is as the name suggests, a blend of the two patterns.

The above training patterns can be executed by several tools like conferences, webinars, and some e-learning modules. One could use Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations to accomplish this, but investing in suitable applications could ease the work.

Tools like zoom, WebEx, Bluejeans, Join.me, GoToMeeting, and Zoho are some popular video conferencing applications you could consider. You could also consider investing in a learning management system to get a better hold over the process.

Preparing for the remote work

The work-from-home culture is fairly new and not many have been able to get accustomed to it yet. This is where remote training plays a crucial role. Companies need to train their employees remotely so that they can adapt themselves to this change.

Some of you might question that the pandemic has nearly come to an end and that preparing for work from home now wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. Although the pandemic does seem to be coming to an end, covid 19 is not the only reason that has brought work from home into force. No one knows what the future holds for us.

Secondly, work from home has brought in new possibilities for people and has helped companies to cut costs on their expenditure. It has been estimated that several leading companies might render 75% of their workforce to work from home by 2025.

Being organized

As much as working from home is comfortable, it does compromise our productivity to an extent. It allows you to relax and you often might lose track of time while relaxing. It even makes you lazier and since you do not have to commute to the job's location, there is no excitement to wake up in the morning. Well, the excuses will never be enough. What we need to do is find out ways to be more organized with our work. That is why remote training is required to make the employees aware that just because they are not working in a monitored environment anymore, they need not be complacent.

We need to execute some time management skills and not let the comfort of work from home hinder our productivity. Many employees might find it hard to keep up the motivation to work hard each day and therefore their managers are required to guide them through it. The managers need to put forward strategies with which employees can cope up with the changing circumstances. 


Communication is always the biggest hurdle for remote employees. The distance between the employer and the employee can also compromise the communication between them. The e-mails, video calls, and conference calls have taken the place of one-to-one meetings. But the difference in the etiquettes remains. Most people find themselves unable to transfer their etiquettes to virtual meetings. Again, remote training can be vital here in ensuring that the communication between the employees and their supervisors is always spot-on.

The employees need to be taught the basic etiquette to be followed in such virtual meetings. They must dress up properly for the meeting and not attend it in informal clothing. They must also make sure that they respond well to the host of the meeting as well as each other. For communicating with people that face a communication barrier, one could seek help from a video interpreter.

Mental health

Employees who do not have any previous experience of working from home might find it very hard to adjust to the work from home routine, which does not require them to commute to the workplace or dress up for it. It could take a toll on their mental health, to be locked inside the house and with minimal interaction with their colleagues.

To help them come to terms with the new normal the employer or manager can take several steps like just before you start the meeting, take some time to greet everyone and share their experiences. This will let them communicate with their teammates and feel better. Also, through remote training, they can be made aware of how to balance their time between their work and family and keep the two things separate from each other.

How to cut costs

Whenever buying a plan for video conferencing, make sure what features would be of help to you. Invest in plans accordingly. You don't need to buy plans that offer features that aren't of any use to you. Look for off-the-shelf content for standard courses. Not only is it budget-friendly but also a reliable solution. The relatively small cost invested in training remote employees will certainly pay off in the future.


The Covid pandemic has returned with another wave and wasn't sure what the future holds. Work from home culture is the new normal and we need to start preparing ourselves for it, to perform better. Executive proper time management skills and try to be organized as much as you can. The employees need to be taught about the etiquette important during virtual meetings.

To communicate with people having a communication barrier, remote interpreting devices can be used. The mental health of the employees should also be kept in consideration. Managers must let them communicate with each other during the beginning of the virtual meeting sessions. Invest in LMS and video conferencing applications to give employees a better learning experience.

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