Young People and School Choice: The Most Promising Disciplines

26 April 2021

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A word is a different place from what it was barely a few decades back. Many new disciplines have come up that our previous generations had not even dreamt about. This makes the choice of a specific discipline as well as the choice of school for advanced learning, all the more important for your future prospects. In the long run, your choice of career will depend almost entirely on your choice of school as well as the disciple you pursue there.

Let us check out of few of the more important disciplines that might shape your future job prospects:

Technology and Work Choices

IT-based high technology jobs are always in and far more so today than ever before. Companies all over the world are looking for computer wizards who can usher in a new app or software program that will revolutionize the world. As a matter of fact, there is tremendous demand for IT and other technological fields such as mechanical and civil engineering (for instance).  As of now, there are plenty of schools that provide multiple degree programs in a wide array of technological disciplines, ranging from software engineering to hardware development and everything in between. If you have difficulties accessing online resources for your research, you can use a VPN for this task. Here it is important to understand that the right VPN is very important and you should check various VPN Reviews before selecting the ideal one. The average salary of a computer programmer is currently hovering around the $70k mark per annum, after a few years in the field.

Learn Creative Art and Design

Select a school that allows you to give free rein to your artistic capabilities. As with many other things in life, the world of art has gone digital and you can create your work both online and offline. Apart from that, you can use your design degree or diploma to create corporate artwork for companies, marketing, and ad agencies, and even publishing houses as well. Here, it is pertinent to note that a designer is sometimes "the brain" behind a brand. These people conceptualize vague ideas and turn them into logos, websites, and much more.  As a graduate, you can become a graphics designer, advertising editor, visual artist, or even a storyboard writer. 

There are many schools that have been created exclusively for visual arts, while other ones offer programs of a similar nature.  Salary packages range from $20 or so per hour for entry-level jobs and go up to three times as much for highly experienced designers. Thanks to ballooning demand due to increased digitalization, there is tremendous scope for this discipline.

Enter the World of Fashion

If you like to spend hours going through fashion magazines and have a taste for what is in and what is not, you will do well in a fashion school. You can learn to become a fashion designer, a fashion journalist, a critic, and even a brand manager for an established brand.  After all, there are few things as important as the clothes we wear. Everyone wants to look nice and if you can make that happen, you can become successful for life. However, it is important that you do your homework and select a school that can cater to your fashion sense as best as it can. If you are good at your work, you can easily manage around $50,000 per annum.

Protect the Innocent with a Law Degree

The field of law demands a lot of hard work before you qualify as a lawyer. However, the rewards are well worth the risk because this is one profession that is always in great demand. Once you graduate from law school you may end up working as a lawyer, mediator, public prosecutor, or even a judge. This profession is very lucrative and average salaries for fresh graduates range from $30,000 to $45,000 per annum. In this note, you should also be informed that nowadays there are apps/software that make it possible for you to find out if you are being paid fairly.


In light of the above, we can successfully conclude that the young student fresh out of high school is truly spoiled for choices. Especially when it comes to finding a discipline that will pay rich dividends throughout his working life. 

For Paylab.com, Aurora Heidrick

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