What are your potential customers thinking of your services?

Data Research from Paylab allows you to INCLUDE your questions into the salary questionnaire. That way you get market insight with structured demographic data of respondents with the option of focusing your survey on individual job positions, as well as hierarchy position levels.

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Paylab data research

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Data Research

Data Research from Paylab is the ideal solution if you want to know in a short time, what people think.

Our methodology, as one of few on the market, enables you to evaluate the survey also on the basis of the salary data from respondents.

Usage of the survey:

  • Employee research
  • Brand awareness
  • Target group preferences
  • Attitudes, willingness, trends and moods of people
  • Testing business idea concepts and hypothesis
  • Data to support PR and marketing communication

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Comparable data from various countries
We collect data from online users in all covered countries. The questions are included into the salary questionnaire. Our data comes out structured and it is easy to compare internationally.
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Analysis according to the salary range
In addition to standard demographic indicators, Data Research allows you to process outputs by respondents' level of pay, education, or job rankings.
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Pay per approved respondents
Every filled in questionnaire goes through a three-phase control and a following data clean up, while you pay only for the cleaned up data.

See your business through other people's eyes. Discuss with us which questions to ask potential customers to maximize your returns.

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How Data Research from Paylab works?

  • Data for making decision

    Choice of audience

    To make right decisions you need quality data. There are many ways how to gain data, we are offering you Data Research from Paylab which is a quick and effective way for collecting data.

  • Think about the questions

    Think about the questions

    Prepare 1-5 questions for your target group and decide, how many answers you are expecting in the target country. Make sure that the questions are understandable for ordinary people.

  • Focus your questions

    Focus your questions

    Decide about the audience. We can ask everybody, but also to focus only on your target group according to the gender, job category, county, education level, age group.

  • Managing the data research

    Managing the data research

    We will manage the collecting data. Your questions will become the part of the salary questionnaire on local salary survey according to the selected country.

  • Collecting data

    Collecting data

    The time needed for collecting data depends on how many respondents and from which country you want to evaluate. The estimated time of the data research duration will be shown in our price list.

  • Results


    In the end we will prepare a Data Research report for you. A part of this report will be a data analysis showing answers according to gender, education level, region or age. Our methodology as one of a few on the market allows us to make result analysis also based on the salary range of the employees. We will be happy to prepare it for you by request.

Pricing of Data Research


Estimated time of data collection: ~11 days

from 1690 €

Non-binding order

References from our clients

A survey conducted by Paylab, which includes the Paylab.com portal, helped us map out the market potential of the specific target group we wanted to address during the recruitment process. The survey gave us valuable information about preferences as well as the real salary rating of these people on the labor market. At the same time, I want to highlight the flexibility and speed of data collection on the online population, when the portal collected about 3000 questionnaires in a few days.

Logo IBMIvan Tomko Talent Acquisition Lead Slovakia, Human Resources, IBM

The survey conducted by Paylab enabled us to uniquely support the awareness of the Profesia Days Bratislava event and at the same time to test brand knowledge in selected regions of Slovakia. We also appreciate the speed and the detailed and comprehensible interpretation of the data.

Logo ProfesiaPeter Krutý Event Manager of Profesia.sk, Slovakia

Case study

Profesia days case study

Job fair Profesia days has been a success in Bratislava. At that time, the event allowed tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors to meet personally under one roof. It has become the established, largest and most sought-after event of its kind in Slovakia.

In the meantime, it has grown into a number of cities, and it also extends awareness of the event to other regions of Slovakia or even to Czech Republic.

The purpose of the short survey was to find out what the Profesia days is recognizable on a random sample of respondents.

Do you know the Profesia days event?

Profesia Casestudy
  • Yes, I know and I have already taken part in it
  • yes, I know, but I did not participate in it
  • no
Sample: Respondents aged 25-34

How did the survey work?

For several weeks, the survey has become an integral part of the salary questionnaire as one of the steps that every user has had to fill in.

It consisted of 5 questions that linked to the content of the standard questionnaire and enabled the presentation to be presented in a natural way.

Sample of the research questions

  • Which of the points would motivate you personally to visit the free job fair? Please select up to 3 options
  • Do you know the Profesia days event?
  • Are you planning to come to the job fair Profesia days Bratislava?

In all the above-mentioned questions we also analyzed the detailed demographics. We have read the data for these needs in simple but clear charts.

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  • We've gained insight into the Profesia days brand in Slovakia
  • We've learned about interest in attending
  • We have identified which of the most particular parts of the program is the most attractive for them
  • We have obtained the demographics of polls

The assumptions have been confirmed

  • The most recognizable event is in western Slovakia
  • is Eastern Slovakia, hosting the event for the first time in 2017
  • We have noticed the lowest perceptibility in northern, middle and northern western Slovakia
  • Profesia days will be for the first time in Žilina, so there is space to help you know about this event on Paylab.com before the action itself, as well as further measurement then comparing it to its end. >

Daniela Berakova img-responsive
Daniela Beráková
Communication and Content Manager

Daniela Berakova is a market research specialist with a focus on employee remuneration. She works for Paylab portal, where she is responsible for employee research - Paylab Compensation Monitor - which regularly monitors trends in employees' preferences and remuneration in Europe.

Daniela communicates with 15 European and African partners within the Paylab network in connection with the security of Press Releases about salaries and benefits. She also writes a Paylab blog and focuses on topics such as Compensation and Employee Benefits, Career, Recruitment, Mangement of Human Resources and Life at the Workplace. In the past she was responsible for Marketing and PR communication in the market research company GfK.

See your business through other people's eyes. Discuss with us which questions to ask potential customers to maximize your returns.

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