About us

The salary survey was established in Slovakia in 2007 by the job portal Profesia, which also created the methodology for collecting, aggregating and processing the data.

The Paylab salary survey has two target groups. The first group are individuals on the labour market who want to know more about salaries for various positions. The second group are companies wanting to ensure fair remuneration rates for employees.

The salary survey in Slovakia was subsequently complemented by the Balkan states (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia), Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic) and the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Finland is the most recent country to have joined the PayLab salary survey.
Profesia - which launched the salary surveys - has been on the Slovak market since 1997, growing into the biggest and most used job portal. It also operates in the Czech Republic (Profesia.cz) and Hungary (Workania.hu). Since November 2012, Profesia has been part of Alma Media - the Finnish media group.

Alma Media publishes several prominent Finnish newspapers, and also focuses on digital services. As well as journalism, the company‘s product range includes useful information for lifestyles, careers and business. In addition to Profesia, Alma Media has shares in job portals in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Hungary.