Companies, we have salary data you’re looking for!

Traditional surveys are based on employer data. Paylab is different. It’s a global salary survey that collects compensation and benefits data directly from employees. We are very strict when it comes to the quality of the data – we store them only for 12 months, and every survey comes through 3 rounds of refining. Based on the sorted information, we offer salary analyses for companies just like you.
The Paylab salary analysis is the right solution if you:
  • want to compare salaries for various positions, industries and regions
  • plan to expand into a new market / country and lack salary insights
  • simply need data to analyse on your own
However, the Paylab salary analysis is not such a convenient solution if you:
  • require deep consulting related to the data given
  • need salary data from companies or governments
Companies, we have salary data for you!

Are you interested in specific salary data and prices? Contact us.

The price for an analysis depends on the agreed structure of the report and its scope. We typically deliver salary data in this structure:
  • basic monthly salary
  • monthly variable part of salary
  • annual bonuses
  • total monthly salary
  • non-finantial benefits
Paylab runs various ways of collecting salary data from users around the world:
Visit our global website with a survey, mobile application and the websites of Paylab´s partners in the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina -, Croatia -, Czech Republic -, Estonia -, Finland -, Hungary -, Kenya -, Latvia -, Lithuania -, Montenegro -, Nigeria -, Poland -, Serbia -, Slovakia -, Slovenia - Plač