Why is it good to get Salary data* from Paylab?

*Salary data is being collected online from employees and includes detailed information about remuneration of employees - salaries, bonuses and non-financial benefits

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Paylab typically delivers salary data in this structure:

  • Salaries are based on positions by region, education, work experience, company size, industry
  • Total and basic salary
  • Analysis of financial benefits and annual bonuses
  • Average salary and all basic percentiles (1st decile, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, 9th decile)
  • Monitored non-financial benefits

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Our Salary data in Numbers

599K +

Number of salaries in the recent 12 months

450 +

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Paylab Salary Report

Your quick and effective source of information for Remuneration of employees

Paylab international salary report is the right solution if you want to compare salaries for various positions in various countries or plan to expand into a new market and need to gain insight into salaries.

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Online collection of compensation and benefits data directly from employees all over the world

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Comparable salary data

Same questions in survey and same methodology of collecting compensation and benefits data in each country

Quality of data
Quality of data

Every survey comes through 3 rounds of refining and the salary data are valid 12 months

Who will be your contact person?

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Miroslav Dravecký
Product manager

Since 2006, Miroslav has been working for Profesia - the leading Slovak job portal. One year later, as a Project manager, he implemented and managed Platy.sk – the first Slovak salary survey that serves for the collection and evaluation of salary data from online users. In recent years, with the help of Partners, they launched salary portals across Europe and Africa and began to collect data via Paylab.com from all around the globe. Miroslav is often invited to speak in the media and at conferences on the topic of remuneration.

Miroslav is the first point of contact and data-mines inputs for International salary analyses.

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