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*A Partner is a company that administrates a Country localized Salary website, owns and data-mines a Salary database and distributes Salary data to clients and the media.

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How does the Partnership work?

Forming a Partnership with Paylab is the right solution if you want to have knowledge of Salary data in your country, make your media reach further and distribute the new B2B product to clients.

Paylab offers Partners:

  • Methodology of collection and evaluation of data
  • Technical solutions (including frontend and backend of salary website)
  • Co-ownership of the salary survey database
  • Access to the International salary studies
  • Consultancy and customer support for Partners

Paylab requires from Partners:

  • Website localization and administration (Setting up a domain, translation of web content, etc.)
  • Survey promotion (website banners, media coverage, PR)
  • B2C and B2B customer support (not very time consuming)
  • License fee and profit share from sales of Paylab products

An ideal candidate for cooperation is a Job board or Media portal with relevant traffic, so a Partner can redirect users to fill in the Salary survey.

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References from our partners

Since launching the - salary survey in 2007, we have gained knowledge about the actual situation of employee remuneration in the Slovak labour market. Since then, the collected salary information has been in constant high demand from companies and media across Slovakia.

Logo ProfesiaDalibor Jakuš Founder of, Slovakia

Paylab adds value to CV-Online users. Job seekers need information about salary levels. Employers need to verify if they are not over or underpaying their employees and also require information about adequate salary levels for new hirings. In our case Paylab seems to be the best solutions out there.

Logo CV OnlineHeikko Gross CV-Online Product Owner, Estonia

As the most efficient recruitment channel in Croatia, we have to have all the relevant information on the labour market. The salary survey is full of information which is as important for clients as it is for the general public.

Logo MojPosaoMelita Jagić Analyst,, Croatia

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Miroslav Dravecky img-responsive
Miroslav Dravecky
Paylab Product manager

Miro has been managing the salary survey from 2007. Firstly in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, but later that methodology spread to 20 European and African countries. Apart from this huge project, he was responsible for several products in Profesia spol. s r.o. company, ranging from RecruitRank, HRclub to the catalogue of position etc.

Miro is the point of contact for potential partners. He shares knowledge on how to promote the salary survey for Partners.

See your business through other people's eyes. Discuss with us which questions to ask potential customers to maximize your returns.

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