How it works

The Paylab.com salary survey is based on data from respondents. We collect them through our site continuously every day. Only verified data that passes the automatic check for extreme and duplication enter further calculations.

When we have collected an insufficient number of respondents, we apply an estimation model with which we can estimate the salary in a given country with great accuracy.

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No Data Available for your Country

On this page, we display a list of work areas that Paylab salary survey works with. When you see this page, it means that we are currently unable to calculate salary data for your country, even using the estimation model . However, we will do everything we can to obtain relevant data so that we can apply the estimation model for your country as soon as possible and publish the relevant salary data.

It's Easy to Participate

The Paylab salary survey is based on data from employees. Participate in the survey to speed up the data collection process and help not only yourself but also other people in your country. Participation in the survey is free.

What's the average salary in your country?

The estimation model that we use in the Paylab salary survey needs to know the actual average salary of employees in your country. The fact that we do not display salary data for your country means that we did not access this data from public sources, or the inflation in your country is too high and the estimation model is not working properly for your country. Let us know the average salary of employees in your country.

Salaries worldwide

The Paylab salary survey collects salary data from around the world. Based on data collected from employees, we can provide an overview of salaries in positions in more than 150 countries around the world.