8 Modern Recruiting Tools You Can Use To Hire Employees

2 September 2021

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Recruitment is an eternal problem for all companies, since first specialists are needed when opening a company, then as it grows and expands, and constantly due to staff turnover. In this case, it is precisely good specialists that are needed. The further success of the company and all its prospects for the future depend on their availability.

An overview of the recruiting tools will help you become familiar with new technologies and make your recruiting process more efficient.

Social media

Social media can be used to establish the necessary connections and recruit employees of absolutely all categories. Since people on social media share a lot of personal data, HR managers can check the candidate for the position even before the interview. You can study hobbies, view photos, check the reliability of resume data, and so on. To use such a search tool as social media in your work, you need to create your account or group for effective recruiting. The latter should contain information about the company, news, press releases, and so on. The most appropriate recruiting resources are the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. They are good because their users reveal data about education, work experience, major achievements, and so on.

Web platforms

The traffic of visitors to web platforms provides them with a high position in the world in terms of attendance among portals reflecting supply and demand in the US and foreign employment markets. The artificial intelligence of such services processes hundreds of requests per second, and recruiting technologies include dozens of positions. Such platforms offer cutting-edge solutions to clients interested in recruiting-for example, you can find freelance medical writers by using a freelance platform like Kolabtree.

Corporate website

In addition to the fact that the corporate website is the company's face, it can also become an excellent tool for finding employees. Such sites often contain information about corporate values, success stories, career growth, and much more. To make a search tool, it is enough to create a section "Vacancies" with data on open places and recruitment into the reserve. To make the site as efficient as possible in search, you need to provide the ability to send a resume for auto-processing. In addition, on the site, you can create a section with online testing, which will help job seekers understand if they can handle the job.

Recruitment agencies

The selection of personnel through recruiting agencies is excellent because such companies undertake all the search work. All that is needed on the part of the customer is to sort out the candidates selected by the agency. The level of effectiveness of this tool depends on how the customer has formulated his requirements. Since there are a lot of such agencies, you can even find those that specialize in finding specialists of a certain level and field of activity. The main advantage is that the agency provides candidates that fully meet the customer's requirements. The downside is that these services are expensive.

Еxecutive search

Unique search differs from classical personnel selection in that it takes into account the company's development strategy. The method should be used to lure a specialist away from a competitor to get clients with him and expand your market or attract the best specialists in a particular industry to expand your influence to create effective developments.  Insiders are one of the main elements of Executive search. Since it is precisely at the expense of informants within the right companies that you can find suitable specialists, find out how the firm is doing, who makes the most critical decisions.

Other valuable services that simplify the search and selection of employees

The Internet contains many sites that greatly simplify the work of HR. The most interesting of them is an easy-to-use system that allows you to automate searches. The services are suitable for private recruiters, recruiting agencies, and recruiting departments. You only need a browser to use them. The system makes it possible to quickly find the right specialist, controlling absolutely all stages of the selection. You can post vacancies in auto mode and collect responses. The advantages of such systems are to increase the speed of recruiting, simple and understandable analytical reports; automation of all routine procedures; a large base of specialists, transparent search process, etc.

Data Driven Recruitment

As data-driven recruiting becomes more prevalent, it is important to understand the benefits of using facts and stats for better hiring decisions. These practices can reduce costs by speeding up processes, saving time spent on inefficient methods. They also improve decision making so you are not selecting candidates based solely on gut feelings or because they fit a certain profile but instead looking at their qualifications objectively.

Paylab.com's data products will help you synchronize salary expectations of candidates and employees with your remuneration possibilities for both one-time determinations or larger number of positions. The Salary Report is suitable when determining the salary level on a single position, while the Salary Tool can be used in situations where you are looking for information about multiple jobs/positions at once. With the help of Paylab, companies can make accurate salary decisions especially when hiring for positions in countries where they do not have any data.

Launching Free Applications on the Internet

Creation of psychological tests, IQ tests, career guidance tests, tests for a specific professional area as a way to find employees. These also include unusual and complex tasks that specialists will want to solve. When filling out the form, a person indicates his contact information and profession. The results should be duplicated for you. If you find someone outstanding - call him to work. 

Final word

Since there are so many tools available today, you can easily select one or more of them that will be most effective, considering the company's needs for qualified specialists. To understand how effective specific tools are, you need to analyze them, and based on the analysis data, select the most effective ones.

For Paylab.com, Aurora Heidrick

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