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Most effective strategies for saving money

6 February 2020

Saving money can help to significantly simplify your life. Savings give you financial freedom in unexpected situations, and regularly adding to your savings can help you take a more responsible approach to your finances. Having a bit extra in your account and watching it grow over time is certainly a better feeling than going into the red every month. We lookat the most effective saving methods to help you achieve financial independence.

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8 apps to help you save money

20 January 2020

Are you making full use of your smartphone? A smartphone shouldn’t be limited to calls, social networks and games. Fill yours up with apps designed to make your life easier and to help keep your finances in order. We can recommend some worth trying.

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How to handle end of year reviews

17 December 2019

If you have a review meeting with your boss before the end of the year, pay attention - we have some valuable tips to help you manage it confidently, even on the difficult topic of salary reviews.

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PR: Paylab offers salary reports for investors for jobs in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region

14 October 2019

The Paylab.com international salary portal launched a website offering downloads of regularly updated salary reports for jobs in Central and Eastern Europe. The portal uses machine learning technology built on an original statistical model to calculate salaries. Companies are only a few clicks away from detailed information on remuneration for specific jobs across a range of countries in Central Europe, the Balkans and the Baltics. Paylab has brought a solution to market for companies who need current salary data on demand. It is common practice for foreign entities planning their business activities in this region to buy salary reports.

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Professions that work with people will be much more valued in the future than they are today

9 October 2019

Paylab examined teachers’ salaries in detail and compared them to other selected jobs that involve working with people on a day-to-day basis, such as doctors, shop assistants and customer support staff. According to Paylab’s findings, the salaries paid to teachers in many countries, despite their education, don’t give them much reason to celebrate. Their standing is often comparable to the salaries of employees who have completed secondary level education. The trend, however, indicates that professions focused on working with people will be extraordinarily appreciated and desirable in the future. Manual labour and data may be automated, but working with people, which generates value, will be among the “professions of the future” and their price will continue to grow. 

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What skills are most in demand among MARKETING employees?

30 May 2019

The mix of skills that marketers need to effectively perform their jobs changes constantly as a result of innovations and market challenges. Marketers need to continuously expand their expertise in a variety of areas to meet the demands and complexity of work assignments and requirements. To remain attractive in the eyes of future employers, they need to be skilled in digital marketing and know how to work with individual digital channels. Another sought-after skill is expertise and experience with project management. A good marketer should know the sales patterns, have a sense for business and have excellent communication prerequisites. Good marketers should also continue to expand their skills, especially in the field of the psychology of human decision-making and behavioural economics.

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Where should you work if you want to have home working?

6 May 2019

More and more job seekers are asking for home-office, or home working, in interviews. This is considered standard in certain positions within efforts to make working conditions and non-financial benefits for employees more popular. Most typically, these are management positions and other qualified technical and non-technical positions. Its prevalence and popularity continue to climb at the workplace. Within its analysis, Paylab compiled a ranking of the top sectors where this benefit is most prevalent.

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Is Your Employment Salary Dictating Your Credit Options?

30 April 2019

Here’s how your pay could be affecting your borrowing ability and terms. While there is an abundance of credit options available on the market today, the ones that you can actually access will depend on a number of factors specific to an applicant. Most people automatically go to their credit scores and history when considering whether they will be deemed suitable for various credit or lending products. While it is certainly an influencing factor, your approval (or even consideration) for loans, consumer credit or even alternative lending is impacted by much more than past payment records.

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Why does it pay off to show salaries in job ads?

17 April 2019

From job portal statistics it’s clear that ads with a specified salary are viewed more often than offers without a salary. Still, most companies in CEE region prefer to keep the information about salaries secret, and candidates often find out only at the end of the job interview. The final agreed amount also depends to a large extent on the willingness of the candidate to negotiate.

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