What Salary I Should Ask for at a Job Interview

16 March 2021

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What is much more important than getting a job is your salary. The salary can be a determining factor for accepting or declining a job. Sometimes, employees push the question of, "what salary are you seeking?" to you. It can be very tricky as you will want to get the highest pay without killing your shot at the job. Now comes the issue of what salary you should ask for at a job interview. Here are tips for answering the question.

Know Your Worth

Self-worth is highly essential when you want to state your salary price. Every job has its salary price. You have to know the job you are going for and the salary price for you to name your salary price. Before giving your employer your salary expectations, you have to research salary prices for your career or field. You have to check out present earnings, bonuses, and even benefits. Gathering all this information and details will help you create a range for your salary.

You might end up cheating yourself or even killing your shot at the job if you do not do your research well. The study makes sure you do not call a price that is way below your worth and does not call the price too much. It will help you create a target and range you cannot exceed for your income.

If medical practitioners do research about salaries in their respected field, they will know their worth and bid for the right salary. Although medical practitioners, especially physician assistants, need to go through challenging paths before attaining this stage. One of the hurdles to cross is taking the PANCE exam. They also have to pass this exam to qualify as a medical practitioner. The PANCE exam tests their medical and surgical knowledge before becoming certified medical practitioners.

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Similarly, people of other professions should do their homework and be confident in their professional abilities. For instance, people who work in professional translation services should not allow being overlooked and instead insist on getting paid for their worthwhile services. You might share your translation portfolio, you just need to find an easy way to send large files so you can prove how good you are.

Delay the Conversation

Delaying the conversation is one tactic you can use when you want to talk about salary. Although this technique will not give you the figure to say, it will only convince your employer that you are worth the price. Try to delay the money talk till the end of the interview.

During the interview process, you should demonstrate your professional value to your employer. Show your interviewer your worth and skills before the salary negotiation begins. It will help give your interviewer the feeling that you can handle the job and even offer more salary.

Give Salary Range, and not an Exact Number

One of the best ways to ask for a salary is to give a salary range instead of providing an exact number. Offering a range gives your interviewer the flexibility to choose from various figures. The range of salary you give should be within your salary expectation; the lower value of the range should be the least salary to collect.

Giving the salary range makes it look like you are not dictating the interview. It also makes it sound a bit more respectful and humble than naming an exact figure. The salary range you give also depends on your research.

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If you do not do efficient research, you will end up giving a range of prices that should not be. You have to perform an in-depth study or research and give your interviewer your price range. With the knowledge at your disposal, you will make the right price range for the job.

Turn the Question Around

Another approach to stating your salary is to turn the question around for your interviewer or employer. Once you approach the end of the interview, you should ask the range of salary for different job positions for the job. When you do this, you should do it in a respectful, humble, but tactical manner. The essence of the question is to know the range of salary. Knowing will help you easily name your price. Understanding the employer's ideal range of pay gives you a better edge when calling your price.

Final thoughts

The salary you should ask for during a job interview depends on many things. One of the most important is your research. After researching the price range for your salary, you will make the right choice of salary. Note that your worth depends on how you sell yourself to the interviewer.

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