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The data products from Paylab.com will help you harmonise the salary expectations of both candidates and employees with what remuneration package you can offer. We are focusing on Central and Eastern European countries.

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Why trust the Paylab.com salary survey?

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Relevant salary data

We only use real salary data

Each entry goes through our own algorithm using a statistical regression model, to ensure that only real and relevant data is used and outliers are filtered out, giving you the confidence that the information you are receiving is accurate.

How we collect data

Set the right salary with our salary report

The salary report represents an accurate source of information for HR specialists and professionals who need a foundation for setting the right salaries for current and future employees.

The salary report contains gross or net salary depending on the country, and the results are structured by:

  • Job position
  • Region
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Compensation mix
  • Non-financial benefits
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We can provide salary data for 13 Central and Eastern European countries

Paylab has been successfully providing services in several Middle and Eastern European countries since 2007. We continue to expand and support partnerships so that we can bring the salary survey to every country. Because the same methodology is used everywhere, salary data is comparable internationally. Paylab offers you the salary reports in the Balkan, Baltic, Visegrad3 countries and in Finland.


How does our salary survey work?

Basic information
Basic information

We will tell the user how many people are in the same job position in the same country and what they generally earn. This average salary information is free.


Every user wants to knowwhether his/her salary is fair compared to others in the same job position and region. But rather than asking someone in person, they can simply complete our short survey.

Evaluation of data
Evaluation of data

All collected information is evaluated and automatically checked for duplicates and extreme answers, reflecting the job position and region. Only good quality data is included in the regression model and subsequent calculation.

Unique salary report
Unique salary report

With our salary reports you can make the right informed decisions. We offer you clear information about remuneration so that you can set a fair and accurate salary for your employees. We have salary data for up to 13 countries.

Do you need salary data?

For more than ten years, Paylab.com and its local portals have provided salary data to companies to help them make the right decisions based on real data. Take advantage of this unique salary report.

If you are interested in a custom-built solution, please contact [email protected].