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Creating Seamless Crisis Communication for Remote Workspaces

20 July 2022

In this fast-paced and dynamic world, businesses are interconnected with each other on a worldwide scale. Hybride offices, coworking spaces, and home offices have become new workplaces from which our innovative teams are working and exchanging ideas.

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Finding The Perfect Spaces To Work At As A Digital Nomad

9 June 2022

No matter the type of work you want to do during a given period, there will always be the desire to choose a comfortable environment that would allow you to focus maximally. You hear of several people working from supposedly idyllic spaces and locations ranging from beach clubs, the stands at a table tennis court, tents next to swimming pools, and other options.

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What Can Companies Offer to Boost Their Employees’ Potential?

26 May 2022

Making employees perform to their potential is not just about paying them better than the competition. You need a blend of initiatives and efforts that are capable of unlocking the employee potential and improving the performance on the board.

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Creating a Healthier Office Environment to Benefit Employees

9 May 2022

You will find several factors contributing to the productivity of people working in a workplace. One of the crucial ones is the work environment. So, what is a healthy work environment? It is a place that provides the employees with a mentally and physically safe workplace. Here are some tips for making the work environment healthy.

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Women and Salaries in the IT Sector

22 April 2022

April 22 2022 is ‘International Women/Girls in ICT day’ – a day which aims to encourage more females into studying and working in the information communication technology (ICT) field. The technology sector is dominated by men. Even though women make up nearly half of the workforce in the world, only 25% of technology related jobs are held by women. This is a sad statistic and one that needs to change.

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How ‘Big’ is Russia?

22 March 2022

Russia is unmistakably the largest country in the world, covering over 17 million square kilometres and encompassing more than one-eighth of Earth's inhabited land area. But is size alone enough to make it a great country? What does the wealth of the nation and its salaries say about the power of Russia in comparison to the rest of Europe?

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How Salaries Have Changed in Russia Since the Invasion

11 March 2022

Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, which began on 24 February 2022, is having significant implications around the world. As the conflict escalates and the death toll and number of casualties rise, over two million people have already fled the country, and the economic and financial effects are being felt across the board.

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Women earn less across countries, but the gender pay gaps vary. Why are there differences?

8 March 2022

When you select a group of female employees and a group of male employees in a company and try to estimate which of the groups earns more, it will probably not be difficult to find out. Experience and statistics clearly point to the men. The latest analysis of the international website Paylab.com confirms that women earn less across countries. There are many reasons for wage inequality; the numbers may not be affected by discrimination, but, for example, by job preferences, stereotypes as well as the orientation of the economy.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Office Jobs in the United States - 2022

9 February 2022

A job is a job, whether it is sitting at a desk or roaming across places. Some individuals may not be able to stand the notion of spending their entire day in a cubicle behind their PC screen, bound to their swivel chair. While some may not fret working at a desk job altogether. It totally depends on an individual and may vary accordingly.

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