Salary analysis – How large a salary would cause an employee to stay at the same company?

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A salary is still the best source of motivation for work and is closely related to the value of a position on the labor market. HR professionals are well aware that some of these positions are filled quickly because there are more opportunities to choose from, but it is harder with other positions as it’s not easy to find qualified applicants with the necessary skills, specialization, and education in labor market or in a certain region.
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African start up revolution was born in Nairobi

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Do you know Marcello Schermer? He quitted his well-paid job in Silicon Valley in order to be part of the startup community in Africa. Everywhere he goes, he eagerly talks about hidden potential, which is waking up on the African continent. As a Seed Star World’s regional manager he traveled all over African continent and supported business ideas created by local people in 18 African countries, including Kenya.
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