10 fun and easy ways to make some extra money

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Every month when your bank account notification pops up on your mobile screen, it’s a good sign that your salary has arrived and is waiting to be spent on whatever you want. You know how it should go – lower wages, less spending, but when we make more money we naturally want to spend more. Our living standards are rising, we’re buying more expensive goods, and our expenses are increasing too. If we want to put some money aside, we can either plan our finances and eliminate impulse purchases or even find a side job to make more money.

Given today’s modern, sharing economy and shared services opportunities, there are many ways to find a job on the side. Some of these jobs are not even that demanding and also have side effects like the ability to socialize. It simply rips you out of the boring stereotype. We at Paylab have compiled some tips on finding a side job for you 🙂

How to find easy side job earnings

  1. Become a secret agent via Trustify – Find the truth about anyone or anything and discover secrets that are just waiting to be exposed. Whether it’s cheating or someone just wanting to be sure that their children are okay, or a request to run a background check, locate somebody, or expose fraud, this is an ideal way to stop watching criminal shows and become a part of one.

secret agent side job side income

  1. WrapifyMake money while you drive. Do you commute every day? Your car is an ideal space for advertising. Give your car an eye-catching makeover and place some advertising stickers on your car for money.
  1. Do you have pleasing voice? Sign up on Voices.com and become a part of the voice-over marketplace. Maybe you’ll work on a project that makes your voice last forever.
  1. Do you have big garden that can be converted into cash? Camp in my garden is a project that allows you to turn your garden into a camp during the tourist season. Places attractive for tourists are at an advantage.

camping in the garden side job side income

Make money with good communication skills

  1. For those who like communicating with other people and want to make some extra money via the internet, there is Weply (former Crowdio)– a service thanks to which you can become an agent for various websites and provide useful support for their users. And of course, you will be paid for this custom support service.
  1. Show your town to tourists! If you can speak well in a foreign language about various sites in your town and about its history, and you have enough courage to accompany tourists from abroad and prepare some interesting and adventurous culinary program, sign up on Vayable.com, GetYourGuide, ToursByLocals, or WithLocals and make some extra money as a tourist guide.

pets care side job dog hotel side job side income

  1. DogVacay.com,  Rover.comEven pet owners must travel from time to time, and their biggest concern is finding a place that reminds their beloved pets of home. They want to ensure loving care is given to them in a friendly environment. If you like animals, this is an interesting way to combine business with pleasure.
  1. Homedine, EatWith – You don’t need to open your own restaurant in order to cook for guests. Among world travelers, it’s now a very popular way of sampling meals in local homes, where travelers can get closer to the locals and learn about their customs, culture, and traditions. If you are interested in cooking and you don’t mind spending time with travelers from all over the world, go for it.

cooking for tourists side job side income

Side jobs with your notebook

  1. SlicethepieIf you are a music lover, you may have just found your side work. All you need to do is just listen to some music and review a band or an artist in the system.


  1. User TestingIf you’re detail-oriented and you don’t mind looking for mistakes or for things that can be improve, become a tester of websites, mobile apps, and various other prototypes. Your monthly revenue will be boosted thanks to your “customer insights”.

user testing side job side income

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