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Which sectors offer the highest paychecks? TOP paid sectors in Europe!

Compensation and benefitsSalaries in segment
The international portal for wage comparisons – Paylab – has compiled a ranking of the highest paid sectors where it is worth working. The portal has salary information for more than 500 jobs from over 454,000 respondents, which are analysed based on business areas in which employers operates. In this analysis, Paylab took into account all types of jobs from unskilled to management positions.
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Salary analysis – How large a salary would cause an employee to stay at the same company?

Compensation and benefits
A salary is still the best source of motivation for work and is closely related to the value of a position on the labor market. HR professionals are well aware that some of these positions are filled quickly because there are more opportunities to choose from, but it is harder with other positions as it’s not easy to find qualified applicants with the necessary skills, specialization, and education in labor market or in a certain region.
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Pay equitySalary negotiation
Women earn less than men almost universally around the world. However, the pay gap between men and women can be overcome in many instances. Women can achieve higher salaries if they are more assertive and confident to bring up the subject when seeking a pay rise from their employer. Women largely rely on their honest and quality work paying dividends, without the need to actually negotiate their pay. While thanks for a job well done may be satisfying and strong motivation, such gratitude has no impact on their payslip. Paylab has prepared some tips for women to better negotiate their pay.
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