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Do you want to know how much your work colleagues earn?

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You are not alone. Nearly three-quarters of employees would want to know how high paycheck of their colleagues is. Salaries and wages remain a taboo subject in European countries. Companies usually try to keep pay details secret and very few employers publish salary and wage details in their job adverts. But companies are starting to drive some iniciatives to convince the workers that their company remuneration is fair. Are you sure that your remuneration is treated fairly compared to other colleagues in your company?
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Why is referral bonus so popular?

Compensation and benefits
Did you recommend your friend or acquaintance to your HR department for hiring? In some companies you can receive as a reward for such a service some financial or non-financial benefits. Companies begun to reward employees if they help bring new and skilled help into the firm. Referral bonuses are a good way for companies to build a community among employees. It is in the employee's own best interests to recommend a high-quality candidate as they are personally engaged in the entire process.
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Friendly relationship with boss brings more money

Compensation and benefitsSalary negotiation
People with a friendly relationship with their boss have salaries that are roughly 14 per cent higher than respondents who have a reserved or unfriendly relationship with their boss. The salary portal completed an international employee survey on the characteristics that contemporary managers lack the most. The portal also examined how their relationship with their boss influenced their salaries. The right remuneration is the one of the key pillars of correct relationships with direct superiors.
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