What are the salary differences between technical and non-technical positions?

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Information technology, electronics, automation, new media, technology startups and innovations stand today on a pedestal of public and corporate interest because they increase productivity, indicate trends and improve overall quality of life. Personnel with technical backgrounds, such as technicians, technologists, engineers, IT specialists, programmers, web developers, etc., now have interesting career opportunities. On the other hand, some positions in social or economic fields such as financial analyst, lawyer, doctor, marketer, coach, interpreter, policeman, journalist, real estate agent, and others can also be well-paid. From a global point of view, are technical positions better paid than non-technical positions?

International salary portal Paylab decided to find out and compare the extent to which individual countries pay their technological and non-technological staffs differently.


The results vary from country to country. While in some places the score is tied, in other countries wages are inclined in favour of technical positions while another set of countries displays results skewed towards non-technical positions.

It depends largely on the orientation of the economy of a certain country, and consequently on demand in the labour market for specialised labour power. It also depends on the level of education for the needs of the local labour market.

For example, in Luxembourg and Bahrain the average salaries of technical employees are about a quarter lower than the salaries of non-technical employees because of the strong presence of the banking and finance sector. On the other hand, in European countries such as Germany, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania, where there is a strong focus on industry, technical employees receive better pay checks. In the US, technical and non-technical positions are roughly on the same level. Compare your salary for the specific position in your country on Paylab.



Typical non-technician positions: Office Manager, Economist, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Auditor, Controller, Consultant,  Billing Specialist, Brand Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Analyst, Copywritter, Event Manager, Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Lawyer, Judge, Pharmacist, Doctor, Nurse, Veterinarian, Dentist, Microbiologist, Sales Representative, Business Analyst, Translator, Estate Agent, Psychologist, Teacher, Lector, HR Consultant, Recruiter, Coach, Travel Guide, Chef, Client officer, Banker, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer, Archeologist, Police Officer, Storekeeper, Facility Manager, Procurement Specialist, Journalist, Editor


Typical technician positions: Statistician, Programmer, Service Engineer, Service Technician, IT System Administrator, IT Network Administrator, Web Designer, PC Technician, IT Consultant, IT Analyst, IT Tester, IT Security Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, Webmaster, Software Engineer, Database Administrator, Systems Engineer, Business Intelligence Specialist, Graphic Designer, SEO analyst, PPC specialist, CRM specialist, Technician, Network Strategy Specialist, Dental Technician, Dental Hygienist, Optometrist, Veterinary Technician, Orthopedic Technician, Service Technician, Design Technician, Service Engineer, Service Technician, Technologist, Quality Inspector, Process Engineer, Electrician, Maintenance Engineer, Architect, Geodesist, Property Manager, Research Worker, Scientific Worker, Biologist, Quality Inspector,

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