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What are the differences in the financial behaviour of millennials born in the 80s and 90s?

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Millennials, or more accurately Generation Y, are a phenomenon that has had a major impact on the labour market for nearly 20 years. Today’s young adults have brought many new aspects to the work process and often represent a huge question mark for employers and HR professionals. Paylab took a closer look at the financial behaviour of today’s most attractive target group for HR managers, as well as retailers, marketers and developers.
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IT and digital specialsit potential of Central and Eastern Europe CEE

How can you attract IT talents and IT specialists to work for you?

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Many companies are currently feeling the effects of a lack of talented IT specialists with suitable skills on the labour market and have begun to look for talented help abroad. The Paylab Portal focused on IT specialists from the Baltics, Balkans and Central Europe in an effort to determine their willingness to work abroad. A total of 4,343 IT specialists working in this region across 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) participated in a Paylab survey at the beginning of 2017. They primarily included software engineers, technical specialists and programmers. Higher earning potential was the most attractive reason to work abroad, given that they were likely to earn at least double in Western Europe than what they were earning in their home country.
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What is the best way to approach negotiations concerning your salary and job conditions?

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Conditions have never been better on the job market for employees to push for and negotiate conditions with which they will be truly satisfied. Skilful and capable people on the market are few and far between, and HR professionals have responded by thinking of inventive ways to attract and retain the best talent for their companies. All companies internally assess employees based on the added value they deliver to the business, their leadership, support, relationships, and especially in terms of the ROI (return on investment) they deliver. If you’re one of your company’s key employees, it’s good to know both your internal value and your overall market value, which is primarily determined externally, outside the company, by comparing your salary to the market value on Paylab.com.
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