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7 tips how to narrow the gender gap

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Only 6% of women are ranked among the best paid employees. For the sake of comparison, as many as 13% of working men belong to this group. At present, there is a lot of debate about the unequal remuneration of men and women. This phenomenon is rather complex and Paylab portal  has focused on 7 areas which significantly help reduce salary differences. In any case, Paylab’s advice to women is that one of the best weapons in the struggle against salary dissatisfaction is to regularly monitor salaries for the same work position and to assertively negotiate salary terms.
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Europe is stagnating, real wages are growing only in CEE countries. Why?

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Over the last seven years, employees in the new member states have seen the biggest improvement of their earnings compared to the rest of the EU. Since the financial crisis, the purchasing power and living standards of former Eastern Bloc countries have enjoyed the biggest increase. This indicator is best seen in real wages, which show the purchasing power of wages, i.e. the amount of goods and services you can actually buy with your wage in your country.
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TOP 10 Digital Nomad Cities in CEE – Budapest and Prague are Top Destinations

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Digital Nomads are productive people, who don’t feel like doing classic corporate job. They are looking for alternative way of how to make a living, which can be, thanks to the internet, provided from anywhere in the world. They can work remotely while traveling and discovering themselves in new parts of the world. For a long time was Bali, the island in Indonesia, or Chiang Mai in Thailand, the most attractive places for Nomads because of its exotic beaches and low operating costs. But given the actual trends it is obvious that Nomads took a fancy to cities in Central Europe such as Budapest, Prague and Tallinn. So not only exotic islands but also these cities are up-to-date digital paradises.
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