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Bitten by the Travel Bug – 5 Strange Feelings Connected with Holidays

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Taking an opportunity to "unplug" can be very appealing to employees in the face of a crush of work responsibilities. But did you actually know that holidays are also connected with stress or unexpected strange feelings? Tourists from Japan, The United States or Canada may enjoy holidays differently as they have fewer statutory vacation days per year compared to European standards. We might say they are under even more time pressure to ensure they get their desired relaxation Paylab analysis showed that in some countries, however, going on holiday is a true luxury. The proportion of days off per year can also multiply the stress connected with a vacation. Have you ever experienced any of the following strange feelings when you are "out of office"?
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10 fun and easy ways to make some extra money

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Every month when your bank account notification pops up on your mobile screen, it’s a good sign that your salary has arrived and is waiting to be spent on whatever you want. You know how it should go – lower wages, less spending, but when we make more money we naturally want to spend more. Our living standards are rising, we’re buying more expensive goods, and our expenses are increasing too. If we want to put some money aside, we can either plan our finances and eliminate impulse purchases or even find a side job to make more money.
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