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Why are people increasingly sensitive to how much they earn?

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On the labour market, our career performance is valued by our salary and this money is spent on the things we need and want. The amount of our salary has a multitude of effects on our everyday life and its quality. There are even studies that have examined the connection between salary and personal happiness. According to the international salary portal, salary is still one of the most important criteria when considering a new job and survey results show that finding a better paying job tends to be a more effective strategy than negotiating a higher salary from a current employer. Why are people increasingly sensitive to how much they earn? Why is a salary such a critical part of our lives?
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How to reward and increase employee loyalty?

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When a company decides to hire new employees, educates them, invests in a probation period and all the requisite technologies, understandably, it expect staff to stay as long as possible. But there is always churn. The Paylab Loyalty Report shows that, in general, loyal employees working for one employer for more than 5 years are in the minority on the labour market at only 27.5%. The largest group is those who are employed for less than 2 years. Attitudes of Millennials and Generation Z are even more complicated, because they have a tendency to consider their career challenges more often and look for opportunities elsewhere. What specific action steps can employers take in order to retain employees on board longer? How many employees do receive loyalty bonus?
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What are the differences in the financial behaviour of millennials born in the 80s and 90s?

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Millennials, or more accurately Generation Y, are a phenomenon that has had a major impact on the labour market for nearly 20 years. Today’s young adults have brought many new aspects to the work process and often represent a huge question mark for employers and HR professionals. Paylab took a closer look at the financial behaviour of today’s most attractive target group for HR managers, as well as retailers, marketers and developers.
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